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Escaping into books a bit? Inconceivable!

Sandworms of Dune, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, 496 pages.

OK, we all know I love Dune. Somehow this book felt rushed which is saying something when you consider the patience it takes to consume all the books leading up to it. The authors did pay a lot of attention to tying in the detail that needed to be there for this book to stand as an installation in the Dune series. It was patently obvious that the goal was for the reader to feel the dead heat of the story coming to a head at Krazilec. I think they played the "OMG Bees" card entirely too much. I firmly believe in the value of using a gear that is somewhere between neutral and 5th.

It is still worth reading to finish this part of the series. Just don't be surprised if the person you think you know isn't who you think they are. Ah, what a lovely nebulous non-spoiler ending to the review. :)