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Thought Trends

I have been spending some quality time reading more than brain candy as of late. Leading Change is currently feeding the business side of my brain. I like how John Kotter thinks. That may have everything to do with the fact that I agree with him for the most part. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Unleashed has been feeding the geek side of my brain. SharePoint continues to be a heavily discussed topic around the shop and might be something I get to spend some time playing with in the near future.

Today I have a call into ziptie who is down from Seattle for a couple of days. We are going to get together to chat about complex diagrams. I am actually very interested in his views on the topic as I find myself working toward a culmination of thoughts that I would like to communicate out in the near future. I have found that using diagrams with accompanying text documentation really smooths communication with larger groups. (I like being able to purvey data clearly to people with varied learning styles.)