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going to the dark side

An old friend of mine decided to upgrade to a newer mac and is selling his other mac laptop to me so I have the opportunity to play around with one. This has led to copious amounts of mac software ogling as of late. Today I wandered across a blog publishing tool called MarsEdit 2.0 that looks interesting and is going on the list of things to play with.

The whole mac thing is weird. I spent copious amounts of time dealing with Windows and Unix stuff for years because of their presence in most infrastructure environments. The Windows piece is sort of job security as they break relatively reliably (although 2003 does that a lot less than previous generations). Unix I just like a lot (although I prefer a GUI for some things I do). The option of having a BSD variant with a usable GUI that I can leave my wife alone with sounds like a pretty good deal.

The interesting part of this for me is re-educating myself about how to interface with a system. I can do system administration from the command line (assuming I can figure out the switch translations between system V and BSD). The only OS with a GUI I reliably use is windows and mac is a radically different from that design. I suspect I will struggle with that for a while but think I will adapt if I make myself spend time on it.



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Sep. 20th, 2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
If you want help with stuff, I switched over to Mac awhile back myself. I spent awhile figuring out how thigns work, and what apps I wanted to use. Of course due to the nature of my work I still maintain a familiarity with Windows, but I'm enjoying the OS X environment.
Sep. 20th, 2007 08:36 pm (UTC)
Muahahahahahaaa *rubshandstogether*
Sep. 21st, 2007 07:49 am (UTC)
My current job has me using macs from time to time. I really dislike them.

I know know pretty well how to administer it, but it's got the same freaking quirks as windows... software updates, buggy software, yada yada yada. It does have a unix terminal, which is good (and I'm getting better with unix commands, but really I know just enough to be dangerous).

The big problem I have is the restrictions it will place on you. The mac mini, for instance has a maximum resolution that is fairly low. The end key doesn't go to the end of the line... you have to press ctrl-right arrow--weird.

There's often something in the OS or machine keeping you from doing what you want. There's probably hacks and software to do what you want, but really... It's just a pain in the ass. Probably though the mac folks think the same thing about windows.

heh hope that helps.... or not. lol
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