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puppy update

When we got home from the burn Lilly was itching/shedding like crazy and her coat was really dull. We bathed her in new delicate coat soap and verified that her flea suppression medication is still working. It was time for her to go for a well puppy visit anyway so Kelly took her in yesterday.

Lilly gets skin irritation from wearing collars or harnesses. I will not have her running around without ID. Apparently her skin is very sensitive and her hair is pretty thin and course. (After having a boxer for years I hardly think we noticed the thin coat part.) The vet's fix? She is on Prednisone to build up her skin, a new shampoo (specifically designed for delicate flowers), and a fatty acid supplement to help with her coat and skin. Lucky for us she is really easy to give pills to.

Anyway, now we get to see if we can butch her up a little. She is a great little dog and I don't mind putting in the effort at all. (I am putting in a cute picture of her napping at SOAK this year because I am a giant softy.)


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Sep. 13th, 2007 07:31 pm (UTC)
She is a cutie!
Zoe wants to meet her and have a play date!
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