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Oct. 23rd, 2006

PDX Decompression went relatively smoothly on Saturday. It was fun to see the myriad of Rangers that showed up. The list of fabulous out of state guests included rwx, ccsallie, and Longshot. There was a really decent turnout and I actually met quite a few people. My hope is that the amount of people that showed up will make the next event easier to throw. Sadly it was (as feared) a rave. I enjoyed it anyway, and it was nice to see people together in the city.

Sunday I had brunch with dear friends and then dashed off to gut pumpkins with Kelly, Catherine, Tex, CJ, sage_and_sea, Linnea, emmagrl, and andromeda6. A lot of giggling was on the agenda (outside of occasionally splattering each other with pumpkin guts). After copious vegetable gutting I brought out the power drill for a brief shop class with Tex (who is 8 and desperately in need of power tool training). If you are going to teach power tool safety I firmly believe it should be done on a pumpkin. This led naturally into the Fall birthday exchange (aka Libra/Virgo mutual appreciation night) which was a lot of fun. We finished out the night with lots of pumpkin carving.